Sunday, July 24, 2011

Link Love

7 Feminist Take-Aways From the Final Harry Potter Movie- from Ms. Magazine. Just another reason why Harry Potter is amazing.
I am so glad this is here. Its perfect for those interested or concerned with their health, but don't want to deal with the harmful diet talk. Make sure you check out the book as well. Its awesome.

Ten Ways to Keep a Long-Term Character From Being Hated. from io9. For us fiction writers out there.

grammar policing and derailing. from Feminist Slut. As someone who is less than awesome at spelling and even worse with grammer I really  appreciate this.

The Problem is the Clothes

I named my blog The Problem is the Clothes, Not the Body for a reason. It is something I have to remind myself of often.

Body shame and shopping have always walked hand in hand for me. The first time I remember feeling ashamed in a dressing room was when I was eight years old. I was shopping for jeans at Target with my dad. I tried on the jeans and walked out to show my dad how they fit. Without my shirt on. My dad freaked out and I was incredibly confused. I didn't understand was it was so wrong to be seen with out a shirt. (I still don't, really.) What I did understand was that something was wrong with my body.

We receive negative feedback on the way clothes fit our bodies everyday. I've noticed in diet ads a lot of companies use clothes as a motivator. Remember the Sara Rue Jenny Craig commercials? The introduction in that series of ads stated that is wasn't normal to not feel good in a pair of jeans. As Sara lost more weight she was shown trying on dresses and asking for a smaller size.

I believe this is a common attitude. It was for me anyway. I can't even tell you how many times I looked in the mirror and told myself I could buy nice clothes when I lost weight. I felt that clothes didn't look good on me. I've never some across a dress that hides my round belly. Most tops I buy I have to wear a tank top under to avoid cleavage. My thighs touch each other. I have more “problem areas” than I can count.

None of that is my fault. It is not my fault when a skirt I want is too small for me. Or when a ring won't fit on my finger. Or that jeans always give me a muffin top. That dress that didn't fit wasn't made for me. It was made for a fit model and then scaled up or down.

And it doesn't matter that a tight top shows off my back fat rolls. Or that my favorite stripped dress makes me look bigger than I am. Throw out those concepts of figure flattery.

I'm not going to lie. Even though I am at a very good mental place with my body I still hate shopping. I hate that poorly lit tiny inclosed space they call a dressing room. When something I want doesn't fit me it can put me in a stormy mood for hours, if not day.

Sometimes I just have to lean against the wall and remind myself, the problem is the clothes, not my body.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye Harry

I don't think there is one thing that had more influence over my childhood than Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is more than a book and movie series. Harry Potter is a world I could spend my whole life in.

I can close my eyes and I am at Honey dukes. Or the Great Hall. Or the Ministry.

Harry Potter is what I played on the playground, fighting with my friends over who got to be Harry.

I do not read about Hermione Granger, I know Hermione Granger. And I know Dudley and Draco because I know what it is like to be bullied.

Harry Potter is a thing that brings my family closer together. The first four books were read to me by my father. A few months ago I gave the first book to my nine year old brother. He is in the middle of the seventh book now. Whenever he reads something funny he comes to knock on my bedroom door and tell me about it.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are the people I grew up with. When I didn't have friends, I had them and their story.

Harry Potter is story I have read a dozen times, so much that I have already worn though a whole set of book and had to buy new ones.

Harry Potter is the story that inspired me to write. My first story was a Harry Potter fan fiction.

Harry Potter is the thing that created friendships.

The end of Harry Potter is more than the end of a series, it is the end of a long chapter in my life. Tonight I am going to go to a theater with my best friend , surrounded by annoying fan girls. (Which I am one of) and at midnight I am going to see the end of my childhood. I am going to laugh and I am going to cry. And I am going to know my life will never be the same.

Harry Potter is one of the best things to have ever happened to me.

Jo, I thank you so much for this gift you have given us.

Now I am going to cry in the shower.