Sunday, May 1, 2011

Have some links

Sorry for my lack of posting! I have been busy with school work. Have some links.

Pocket Rocket Fashion: The Fat Gal's Shopping Manifesto

Spanx Will Not Save the World
It says "Spanx started with $5000 and a dream –- to make the world a better place…one butt at a time!"

Big fat fail over here — my world is a better place when I can freaking breathe. My world is a better place when someone is not trying to convince me that making myself into a human sausage will make the world a better place.
Two Whole Cakes: The lady is a tramp: On getting my bits touched by the TSA first scan was a wash, as it seems I have a hard time raising my hands in the air without also waving them like I just don’t care, and so during the first go-round I did a little impromptu dance, which blurred the results. “PLEASE STAND STILL, MA’AM,”

Definatalie: Hospital Drawings. Amazing

Cupcakes Clothes: New Hair. I love how she dresses.

The Rotund: All food Choices Are Vaild
It’s not okay for other people to judge my food choices – not simply because I’m fat or because I have a mental illness, but because it’s none of their damn business and they lack sufficient data to draw any sort of meaningful (much less correct) conclusion. Similarly, no matter what the lifestyle of a random person, I don’t get to judge their food choices; I don’t know them and I’m not going to run around coming to half-baked conclusions.

Already Pretty: The Collector Mentality
 I still believe that some folks – myself included – can enjoy and effectively utilize large and varied wardrobes.