Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Shame does not make a good diet

fat and awesomeIf you could shame people in to being thin everyone in America would be a size negative four.

I came across an anti fat PSA today, and everything about it was wrong. The PSA was put out by the Georgia Children's Health Alliance. On this poster there are pictures of four different fat children. 
The pictures tell you if your fat you WILL get diabetes. If you are fat you WILL die before your parents.
These pictures look like mugshots. These children are criminals. These kids are put on this poster as a cautionary tale. (I'm just gonna give you a link to the poster instead of putting it my blog.)

Things like this poster is what made me hate my body for so long. I have been fat shamed constantly since I was six years old. The boy in first grade that told me I was so fat I would break the bus seats started it. That message was reenforced every time I turned on the TV, watched a movie, looked at a magazine, and read about Dudley Dursley. The fat shaming continues every time I am on the internet. I am fat shamed every time I go on a walk outside and see a billboard.

Shame is not making America lose weight. Shame is making Americans hate their own bodies. Shame has started an epidemic of self hatred.

It has been about 11 years since that boy fat shamed me that day.

I am not thin. You have failed Meme Roth. You have failed Michele Obama. You have failed Georgia Children Health Alliance. I have spent a good deal of time being ashamed, and none of that time thin. You have not shamed me into thinness.

And you never will.