Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is what a feminist looks like.


For a long time I resisted the label of feminist. This all started when I came across an article by live journal user Allecto. It was called 'A Rapist View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly.' I love Joss and I love Firefly. And here was this women, who called herself a feminist, accusing Joss of being a rapist. Just because she didn't like his portrayal of women. I mean, goddamn. Yeah, sometimes his portrayals are a bit problematic, but that does not make him a rapist. And he does a lot better than most people. This was my first encounter with feminism, and if you read the article you can see why it turned me off. I read and went “this is feminism? I can never be a feminist.”

I encountered similar things after the new Star Trek movie came out. I loved Uhura. She was awesome. Beautiful. Smart. Useful. But a lot of people who didn't agree with me. There were feminists that said all sorts of horrible things about her. She was a whore for kissing Spock in the elevator. She used sex to get her job. She was just eye candy. Again, I read all this and thought, “feminists think this? I can never be a feminist.”

I was telling my mom all this one day and she said, “Zoe, of course you are a feminist.” And she was right. I am a feminist, a n00b, but still a feminist. Those other women that wrote those things, I don't think they are feminists. Or at least, not my kind of feminist.  I have learned thatnot all feminists are humorless bitchily man haters.

I have always believed in equality and the right to choose. And I will fight for those rights.

The right to choose what to do with your own body.

The right to vote, the right to stay at home.

The right to be a business woman, the right to be a housewife.

The right to be butch, the right to be femme.

I am a feminist. I paint my nails and I wear make up. I like skirts and dresses more than pants. I like historical romances. I like science fiction. I like black and white movies. I shave my legs and I shape my eyebrows, I let the rest of my hair grow free. I want to be a burlesque dancer someday. I like flowers and chocolate. I like it when boys open doors for me. I like Victorian and vintage style. I am a feminist.

My name is Zoe , I am a queer fat femme feminist, hear me roar.

This is what a feminist looks like.


  1. Good for you, grrl! One important thing to learn about feminism (and for others to learn about feminists) is that just because we're part of the same movement, doesn't mean we all agree on everything. I have a hard time with that, sometimes I read the kind of stuff you mentioned and I'm like "Am I supposed to think that too? Because that seems ridiculous." Nowadays I'm trying to see a story from every angle possible and form my own opinion. I've found that the feminists I agree with most are the younger ones from my own age group (although obviously we've a lot to learn from older feminists). I suppose we were raised in a slightly different way, but I've seen eye-to-eye with most of them, like you!

    Happy IWD!♥

  2. Bhevarri- I think that is one of the nicest comments I have ever received. I have been avoiding writing lately, but I think this comment has given me the confidence to keep on working at it.

    Kayla- thank you for the comment. I totality agree with you. Yeah, it took me along time to realize not every one has to agree with me. I mean, if everyone agreed with me, the world would be so dull! If everyone agreed with me there would be no room for discussion or debate. And without those it is hard to move forward.

    We owe a lot to older feminists, but we are different then them. We have grown up in a more excepting world, and its very easy to take that for granted, and not realize many women in different parts of the world don't have those things.