Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is easy to lose weight, expect not. Mini post

Most people are under the incorrect assumption that losing weight is easy. I see people say this all the time. I'll be reading the comments on a fat related blog post, generally a post about being healthy while fat. The comment will go something like this:

“Oh please, you can't be fat and healthy. You're just being lazy. I used to weigh 200 pounds and I was super unhealthy! But then I stopped eating donuts for breakfast/putting a cup of sugar in my morning coffee/i started making meals at home instead of eating fast food every night/ I stopped drinking a six pack of beer everyday.”

I don't like donuts. I don't drink. My mother makes wonderful home cooked meals. We do not keep junk food in the house. That's not to say I never eat 'bad foods', I just don't very often. And on top of that I exercise.

And I still weigh 214 pounds.


Sunday, March 13, 2011

OOTD: The wrong kind of girl

Everyone says that a perfect pair of jeans are a wardrobe staple. They are said to be comfortable and fashionable. I hate jeans. I hate everything about them. I don't like how they look and I don't like how they feel. I have never found a pair of comfortable jeans. They always pinch and pull me. No matter what size I wear jeans give me muffin top, even jeans that are too big.

Instead of jeans, I wear leggings as pants. Its a love or hate it trend, and I love it. Leggings are comfortable. When wearing them I can walk, run, bike, dance, anything. They can keep my legs warm. They can do everything jeans can do.

I was flipping though one of my mothers magazines a while ago. They did a poll on what people thought of leggings as pants. I don't remember what the results where. What I do remember is a comment somebody they asked made. It was something along the line of, “leggings as pants are usually worn by the wrong kinda girl.”

I am the wrong kind of girl. I am the wrong kind of girl because when I wear leggings you can see my stomach sticking out. I am the wrong kind of girl because leggings show off my less than toned butt. I am the wrong kind of girl because I am fat. Leggings are not 'flattering' on me.

But see, unlike that guy, I don't see why I shouldn't were leggings. Why I shouldn’t show the world my soft fat body.

ootd 026

ootd 021

ootd 024

ootd 017


T shirt- Post War Trade- We are the media

Undershirt- JC Penny's

Boots-hand me downs

Headscarf- thrift

feather- carft store

Make up

eyeliner- Dark Blue Wet n' Wild, White Wet n Wild in the corner

Lipstick- Russian red, applied with finger for a soft finish

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

This is what a feminist looks like.


For a long time I resisted the label of feminist. This all started when I came across an article by live journal user Allecto. It was called 'A Rapist View of the World: Joss Whedon and Firefly.' I love Joss and I love Firefly. And here was this women, who called herself a feminist, accusing Joss of being a rapist. Just because she didn't like his portrayal of women. I mean, goddamn. Yeah, sometimes his portrayals are a bit problematic, but that does not make him a rapist. And he does a lot better than most people. This was my first encounter with feminism, and if you read the article you can see why it turned me off. I read and went “this is feminism? I can never be a feminist.”

I encountered similar things after the new Star Trek movie came out. I loved Uhura. She was awesome. Beautiful. Smart. Useful. But a lot of people who didn't agree with me. There were feminists that said all sorts of horrible things about her. She was a whore for kissing Spock in the elevator. She used sex to get her job. She was just eye candy. Again, I read all this and thought, “feminists think this? I can never be a feminist.”

I was telling my mom all this one day and she said, “Zoe, of course you are a feminist.” And she was right. I am a feminist, a n00b, but still a feminist. Those other women that wrote those things, I don't think they are feminists. Or at least, not my kind of feminist.  I have learned thatnot all feminists are humorless bitchily man haters.

I have always believed in equality and the right to choose. And I will fight for those rights.

The right to choose what to do with your own body.

The right to vote, the right to stay at home.

The right to be a business woman, the right to be a housewife.

The right to be butch, the right to be femme.

I am a feminist. I paint my nails and I wear make up. I like skirts and dresses more than pants. I like historical romances. I like science fiction. I like black and white movies. I shave my legs and I shape my eyebrows, I let the rest of my hair grow free. I want to be a burlesque dancer someday. I like flowers and chocolate. I like it when boys open doors for me. I like Victorian and vintage style. I am a feminist.

My name is Zoe , I am a queer fat femme feminist, hear me roar.

This is what a feminist looks like.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putting a face on obesity

school 017
  How dare I look so happy, sitting in a bakery, eating a pastry? Don't I know I am a menace to society?

A while back I was browsing Facebook. One of my friends posted a status about someone she was agree with saying there opinion didn't matter because they were fat and ugly. I commented asking her not to use fat as an insult. After all, I am fat, and I'm pretty fucking awesome. She replied, “You're not fat.”I explained to her that yes, I am fat, obese in fact by medical standards.

Her reaction does not surprise me. Why would she think of me as fat? I am her friend, I have a face, a personalty, I have an identity.

Whenever there is a news story about fat people or this so called “obesity epidemic” it is always accompanied by a stream of headless fatties. The pictures they show are not of real people. At some point it was a real person, but they took that away. These fatties are not human. They are a cautionary tales. This is what will happen to use if you eat that pizza, you well become a headless monster. Our society has so little respect for people with fat bodies that they don't even grant us an identity. Of course my friend didn't think of me as fat.


As Headless Fatties, the body becomes symbolic: we are there but we have no voice, not even a mouth in a head, no brain, no thoughts or opinions. Instead we are reduced and dehumanised as symbols of cultural fear: the body, the belly, the arse, food. There's a symbolism, too, in the way that the people in these photographs have been beheaded. It's as though we have been punished for existing, our right to speak has been removed by a prurient gaze, our headless images accompany articles that assume a world without people like us would be a better world altogether.-from Headless Fatties


I am a fat ass with a head. a beautiful head I might add. Next time your sitting around bitching about fatties I want you to know who you are talking about. You are talking about me.

“Bu-bu-bu-but Zoe,” you might be saying, “We only the mean the really fat people.”

No, you are talking about me. And there is nothing wrong with my body.

Zoe Danger Awesome

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