Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Addicted to Pretty: Sugarpill Review

Sugarpill is a somewhat new make up company specializing in bright colors. They carry both pressed and loose eyeshadow. I have The Cold Heart pallet.


The website is both easy to look at and navigate. You can tell a lot of work went into the site.


I got my make up as a gift so I cannot comment on the shipping.


The packaging is to die for! My pallet came in a beautiful cardboard box. The pallet is also made from cardboard. I would have preferred it to be made of plastic, but it seems very sturdy. It has a handy little mirror inside.

The Product:

These are my new favorite eyeshadow. I have never seen such bright make up. The color it is in the package is the color it is on your eyes.

The eyeshadow lasted on my eyes for hours without creasing, even with no eye primer.

They are easy to apply and blend. The only eyeshadow I had trouble with was Tako, the white. It does not blend as well as the others without an eye primer, but is still amazing. It is the only white I have used that shows up brightly on my skin.

The Price:

I would say the price is pretty great. $12 an eyeshadow. For that you get a ton of product.


I hope the company keeps going strong, and branches out to other products. I would love to see some lipsticks. The world does not have enough bright lipsticks

Would I buy from Sugarpill again? FUCK YES. I want to own all of their products.

I took some swatch pictures, they are not very good, but I figured they are better than nothing.
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Live long, and prosper,

Zoe Danger Awesome