Thursday, January 27, 2011

No one calls Han Solo a bitch: My Fanboys review/rant

I wanted to like this movie. I really did. The director, Kyle Newman seems like a nice guy. He is interviewed by the forcecast sometimes and I have grown rather fond of him. I like the concept of the movie. A bunch of nerds go on a road trip to steal Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Sounds fun. I wasn't expecting it to be mind-blowing or anything. I was just hoping it was good. It wasn't.

Instead it was about an hour and a half of crude humor. The plot was lacking, which I wouldn’t have minded had the characters been interesting, or even likable.

I did some brief Wikipedia research, the movie seems to have suffered from re shots. Some scene were directed by some guy named Steven Brill, and he sounds like an ass.

The only really enjoyable parts of the movie were the cameos. It was fun hearing the characters quote Star Wars.

But I have to say my biggest problem with this movie is the gay jokes. I'm not against gay jokes. They can be smart and they can be funny. (Look up Margret Cho sometime.) But...I just....well...god. I am just so sick of hearing a sexuality used as an insult. That is ten percent of the population you are using to say you don't like something.

Star Trek is gay. Unintentionally (I think). But that is not bad. Star Trek is not bad because of the frequent homo erotic content. (Well, I don't find it bad all.) Star Trek has tons of horrible acting. Awful writing. Bad sets. Horrible special effects. There are a lot of things wrong Star Trek, but none of those things are the amount of gay.

So yeah, I was gonna do a review, but it turned out more like a rant. And I'm not sure is any thing I said made any sense. Oh well.

Zoe Danger Awesome