Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Links

What has Zoe Been looking at this week?

Alternative is as Alternative Does

By Miss Lumpy

Six Impossible Things

By Lolita Charm

Carry one perfectly beautiful thing. I take this to the extreme. I am no ordinary girl and I refuse to surround myself with ordinary things. I long ago made a vow that every thing in my purse would be cute and reflect my individual style, and I've worked hard to make that come true! But you don't have to cuteify your entire life to feel that momentary pleasure from a pretty object

.Your Problem is Being to real

By The Lost Princess
That couldn’t be right, I had been trying so hard not to exist. I had read all the right sort of books, while eating, walking, waiting for the train. I had changed my name at least three times in the last week. I had thought in the third person and past tense.

I cannot stop listening to this song

I want this man to be my gay best friend. legit.

Wow. Pretty amazing.

How awesome is Amanda Palmer?

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